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Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.

Design is how it works.

Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple

I Build Wix Websites

Why do I use the Wix platform to build websites?

I have used other platforms in the past but when I look at design capabilities, pricing and ease of use for customers, I find that Wix is usually the best fit for new or small businesses.

Computer showing an example of a website designed by Sidekick Web Design and Writing

The 3 elements that go into my web designs:

Web Design

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It's not just about the visual design of your website.


You also need a web designer who can take an analytical approach when it comes to organizing your information and providing good navigation on your website.


If people don't understand what you offer or can't find what they're looking for, they'll leave your website.

UX Writing

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Web copy are the words on your website. They tell your story, explain your offerings and guides users through the experience.


But, typical writing rules don't always apply to website writing and could actually harm user experience.

I offer writing and editing services for web design projects, or as a stand-alone service.


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Web design needs to incorporate good Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.


This will provide your website a better chance at being found organically in Search Engines such as Google (that essentially means free advertising!).


It also goes hand-in-hand with a better user experience for your audience. Basic on-page SEO is a good foundation for website success.

Example of a Typical Web Design Package:

  • Website designed and built on the Wix Platform

  • UX Writing and Editing (as much or as little as you require - pricing will reflect need)

  • Mobile Responsive Design

  • Basic On-Page SEO

  • Domain & Email Hook Up

  • Photo sourcing and minor photo editing

  • Contact Form

  • Setup of Social Media Links

  • 3 Revisions

  • Consultation throughout the process, as needed

  • Your preference of communication: email, scheduled phone calls and/or zoom meetings

  • 1 hour of Wix Training so you can start managing your website yourself!

  • 60 minute consultation within the 30-days after project completion or you can choose to use the time for minor revision requests during that time period

  • Additional features such as e-commerce, automated responses, online chat, bookings, online payments, etc. are also available

4 things I focus on when designing websites:

...Tamara was so easy to work with and took all of my input and added her professional touch to our entire website. We have had an amazing response since we have launched our new site and couldn't be happier with the results...

- Mike H.

Websites need good navigation


You have information to share.


My job is to organize that information so people can easily navigate through it to find the information they are looking for. We don't want someone to find your website and leave shortly after because they can't figure out how to buy your product, book an appointment, or find the information you're looking to provide them.


Good navigation is important!


Providing a good user experience will help convert visitors to customers, clients, followers or whatever your goal may be.

Words are an important part of a website.


Words are such an important element of a website. They tell your story, what you offer and information you want the readers to know. Words help build a connection between your business and the user - this helps gain their trust and convert them to customers.


Simple, easy to understand language is important. How the text is structured to help with site navigation is important. Your brand voice is important. Storytelling to draw the readers in is important.


The words are important!

On-page search engine optimization is important in website design

On-Page SEO

You need a good foundation for your website. The first step is to make sure certain Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques are used when building your website, such as internal linking and properly coded Headings.

I design your website with on-page SEO in mind.

A happy face showing the importance of having happy customers at Sidekick Web Design and Writing


You and your brand are important.

I am a good listener and value your vision because this website is not about me, but you. My goal is to understand what you want, what your business is and what your goals are so I can build a website that reflects your brand.

Are these things important to you too?

Then let's connect!

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Do you have more questions?

Check out some common questions that I answer on my FAQ Page.

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